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Please Fix as soon as possible

Posted: 11/22/19 8:40 am
by Miami Zoe_S550
Hello GM I have a major issue as soon as the update finished I tried to do daily but I noticed a glitch at first thought nothing of it until I tried to do daily when I switch from Mansion to city map game shows I have 3 lines out gathering but then it quickly disappears because in fact Im not supposed to have any crew members gathering they should all be at my Mansion so as I stated ignored the glitch but when I went to try to attack street force level 25 the game said the troops are too strong this is in fact incorrect I've been attacking street force level 25 since I was Mansion 24 now I'm Mansion 26 with t9 troops what I believe is going on the game thinks 3 lines of my troops are not at the base when they are thus making game think Im not strong enough to attack street force level 25 please correct this issue prior to update there was no problems.