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Posted: 03/10/19 6:35 pm
by Brody1001_S475
Can my game status be given to someone else

Re: Account

Posted: 03/12/19 5:01 am
by Kelsey@line
I downloaded mafia city today. I purchased about 4 gold packs. Shortly after my game completely froze I cannot tap anything. I have a 128 gb iPhone XR. I thought well maybe it’s my phone so I uninstalled and reinstalled about 5x, properly closed. Till I grabbed my old iPhone 7 and downloaded it and logged into my linked game fine, as soon as I logged in it was frozen there as well. So far I’ve tried on two devices and have reinstalled about 20 times. It’s only my account that is frozen the tutorial on a new one works fine. I would play a new account if I didn’t just spend money on it two hours ago. I am really frustrated and cannot find support. I’ve tried their email, Facebook, instagram, WhatsApp. Can someone please help!

Re: Account

Posted: 03/17/19 3:54 am
by T҉öŃÿ D҉ôŃūT҉ż_S487
See screen shots below with red arrows shows what the problem is. It keeps blinking on and off therefore I do have have the ability to select it and switch accounts. If you are able to fix this for me and others, I’d like my main and only account back please. User Name is xXToNy DoNuTzXx. All others can be deleted, I do not care for any of them. I want and need my mansion 22 level account back. I’ve been having trouble on this account for over 4-5 days now. Thank you!!!

Re: Account

Posted: 03/17/19 11:50 am
by Gusterica_S505
I have same problem! :u1F62D:

Re: Account (HEL)mafia al gab leader levelm19 please help me figure out a way to delete all the new accounts I created

Posted: 08/03/19 12:32 pm
by Mafia92DFDC641_S646
Was trying to gain more power for main account but I seem to have lost my main account cause I can’t switch back to it 😭😭😭 or the al Gab Rookyz account every time I try to switch I loose a damn account 😭😭😭🙏🏽.. I cant sit with the loss😣🥺