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Gebiet erobern

Posted: 05/12/19 10:27 pm
by Black Wolf G_S541
Hey Leute,
kann mir bitte jemand erklären, was es bringt ein Gebiet zu erobern.

Re: Gebiet erobern

Posted: 08/28/19 6:35 am
by Sekretärin Iris
Hallo, dadurch kann man den plötzlichen Teleport des Gegners verhindern :u1F600: MfG

Re: Gebiet erobern

Posted: 09/20/19 3:35 pm
by Ex player_S385
To the administration of Mafia City! Your game was once really great but unfortunately this time is long gone! We still have a clan in the city 385 * with 70 members of which are 20 very active. really a pity that we have to turn our back on the game. Because if you allow such a powerful game account as * MC Brutal * to buy the entire Global Auction House empty so no other player can make a deal, that's sad enough. But even sadder is that our city of the most powerful clan named * NEW * with a power of (325,104,057) does not allow or allow any other clan to become mayor, that's really awesome. Incidentally, I was attacked on my second account with Manor Level 11 - Power (55,461) from a Level 26 Mansion - Power (6,295,979) over 10 times today. They would say now build up and make themselves stronger. The game is just ridiculous ..... !!!! Real top of you administrators but now it does not matter to us our group has decided to change to xbox. Fuck an ex player on your game