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New Update Is Here ( version 1.3.385)

Posted: 01/03/19 7:31 am
by SecretaryGM Iris
【New Content】
1.Clan Territory: Clan Defence Tower can be modified to Lv. 2; Upon completing modification, decrease the burning speed of own turfs within range by 50%%
2. Monument of Glory: Included [Effect Turf] Achievement
3.Message: Included new Message Stick on Top feature; long tab message to operate the Message

【New Feature】
1.Turf Effect: Included even more Turf Effect Decoration to provide your Turf with more special scenery
2.Included Certain New Sound & Special Effect

1.Optimized & Updated Certain Interface; Adjusted Certain Description
2.Equipment Dismantle Optimization: While dismantling, a notice stating the various material and amount that can be obtained after dismantle will be displayed
3.Latest Info Optimization: Additional Item Reward can be obtained from each day’s first Check of the Latest Info
4.Member Reinforce Optimization: Reinforce Mail will now also display the member that is reinforcing you
5.Turf Buff Optimization: Can now use the [12-Hour Attack Bonus (+35%%)] & [12-Hour Defence Bonus (+35%%)] items at the Turf Buff interface