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RSS Increase

Post by ¿¡ GROOT ¿¡_S387 » 04/06/19 11:33 pm


As the game developers you need to reconsider the rss distribution for all citys. for this game to function and keep players as well as attract new players i believe that RSS needs to be gravely increased. please see an example of a reasonable request below.

like this:

l7 metal - 66k
l6 metal - 48k
l5 metal - 32k

l7 ammo - 100k
l6 ammo - 76k
l5 ammo - 57k

The city will go on strike from buying packs until this notice is taken seriously. we all enjoy playing mafia city, but the game is near to impossible to progress with the current RSS distribution and the amount needed to upgrade our mansions.

please consider this.

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  • Auncherio_S667 » 11/13/19 2:52 am
    Thank you I’ve been saying the same thing I play other games where you can get up in the millions on resource tiles it’s ridiculous the amount of resources that are presently on the tiles even what you’ve suggested are on the lower side.. between the kill events and the bigger guy hit us for resources you can’t get ahead unless you buy packs... smh

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