A couple of suggestions

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muthafukka jones_S342
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A couple of suggestions

Post by muthafukka jones_S342 » 02/18/19 4:22 am

There's a few things I would like to see
City teleports where you can port to a different one whenever you like which has been mentioned half a million times on here.

Stop making new cities and start combining the older cities with lower population by making fight in a small tournament winner becomes the best city the losing cities merge into that city

Fix the currency exchange rate so it's at least fair for all if I'm paying $$$ and another group from another country gets it for half off they'll always surpass the country with the worse exchange rate so instead of punishing us why not let us Amazon coins or some other method to help level out this landslide

Translator needs fixed from Korean to English
Japanese to English
And Taiwanese to English if I don't know what they are saying and they have no clue what I'm saying there is an issue

Cut the cost for the clan hospital there's no reason to pay 3.9mil loyalty to heal all of your troops if you can't even make that much in a month let alone a week that cripples someone for awhile until they can earn enough to heal them so I suggest in that aspect to do one of the following
1) cut the cost to where it's affordable for the smaller players to keep them alive
2) allow everyone in the clan to help donate to heal those troops of the same member of that clan
3) offer up more loyalty that can be earned

Mercenaries kickback rewards
Level 1-3 rewards are all the same at least mix them up a little bit why go do the research to get 4× 1 min speeds , 1k cargo & cash and maybe a fragment which you'll be spending 11 months or longer to make 1 piece of gear at least make level 2s kickbacks contain gold so more will research to that level
Level 3s I don't know what about putting in advance ports and a little bit more a heavier reward to encourage players to go after it

Fixing the tax rate why is it I'm still paying over 20-40% tax rate to help a friend grow and then you Cap me out for 24hrs before I can send again which logically makes no sense what so ever I could understand 20% being the highest and the lowest being 5% that way it encourages players to level up that building but that is not the case at the current time

Godfather's quotes needs to include a method on how to defend against mansion vs mansion attack and no none of this use a truce or whatever but an actual example on how to defend against a maxed player yes I understand that they dropped serious cash and you want them to stick around but what are they going to have is there isn't a clear method of defending against such an attack which makes it hard to make players see the enjoyment in this app game if there's no way possible to defend or even stay competitive

🍺😎 Will be looking forward to hearing from you soon and please keep us updated on this and if they decline one let us know why so we can show them the area they are overlooking
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  • SecretaryGM Iris » 02/18/19 11:54 am
    Thanks for your suggestion boss! Your suggestion is recorded and will be discussed in the meeting, stay tuned with the game for more information and progresses!
  • SASHA BANKS_S137 » 04/05/19 4:40 am
    I totally agree with you some of these requirements are out of hand their so many dead mansions an cities it’s sad because of large spender who can destroy a cities on their own with out any help I’ve seen many constantly switching cities hoping to find a fair battle their people with so much power that they don’t need a clan they are their own clan an most end up in the same clan switch makes things unbalanced I think you should be only allowed to attack mansions in your class we got people with 800..900 million i saw this one guy had 1 billion power everything maxed out like who going to battle that their should be corporate players going to different cities with power like that to slow those type of players down other wise your company will be seeing people not playing so many stopped 😭😭😭this awesome game but I trust you guys will come up with some sort of solution and one more thing it sucks when your offline because your at work or sleep etc an your attacked because your truce expired I THINK IF YOUR OFF LINE A TEMPORARY TRUCESHOULD BE HONORED AN AUTOMATICALLY EXPIRE WHEN YOU COME ONLINE TO PLAY ✋

muthafukka jones_S342
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Joined: 02/18/19 2:54 am

Re: A couple of suggestions

Post by muthafukka jones_S342 » 02/19/19 3:58 pm

As long as you let us know what is decided and if it's declined why that would be helpful
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  • SecretaryGM Iris » 02/20/19 7:18 am
    Hello boss, your suggestion:
    1. "Fix the currency exchange rate so it's at least fair for all if I'm paying $$$ and another group from another country gets it for half off." This is a myth, although due to the changing of currency exchange rate (this happens every single day) the price for packs might be slightly different among different regions, but the difference for a 99.99$ pack is less than 1 dollar in the different region, we tried our best to make the game fair for everyone, so please don't believe the myth.
    2. "The cost for the clan hospital is too expansive" The developers are considering this now.

    Thank you boss.
  • muthafukka jones_S342 » 02/26/19 10:32 pm
    Any news yet from what they said or are we all in the dark
  • xST¥L£Sx_S313 » 03/06/19 2:43 pm
    How do i fix my region error...i currently moved to euorope....

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