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Cop raid

Posted: 03/26/18 8:42 pm
Is it possible when anoder clan accepts cop raid the lines from the raids to don't be seen by oder clans.....problem whit that is if them lines croos on top of your hive you can't see your city ..its hard to do anything .....


Re: Welcome to Suggestion

Posted: 04/15/18 8:41 am
by Mafia23D3AF170_S170
Please someone help me I had lost my account

Re: change the clan building

Posted: 04/15/18 5:53 pm
by King Of Dark_S160
it's a great game.I like it very much..but if we can change the clan building name the game will be more realistic.

Re: Welcome to Suggestion

Posted: 05/01/18 2:30 pm
by LouiethedugMk11_S149
There should be a super buff you can get as a reward say for playing 14 days consecutively that would enable you to do a "kill all" defence.

It would ward off the farmers and bullies as it's a killer trying to fight off those players who are 10 levels higher.

Re: Welcome to Suggestion

Posted: 09/04/18 6:00 am
by xoWrenxo_S214
Hiya, So I love this game and it is super addictive. However, I have a few suggestions and they are:
1. You need to either A. Let's us move to different cities at levels other than 6 or B. merge the dying cities. So many new cities are opening up that there isnt any new blood flow to the old ones. For people who have spent time energy and in some cases money this is disheartening. Many people have made this comment on multiple platforms. Please look into this and at minimum respond as to why it cant happen!
2. Men aren't the only people who play this game and not that i dont like beautiful women but you should have the choice of Male or female babes!
3. Allow photos to be sent in clan chat . Its helpful to show screenshots of progress with clan members.
That's all I got.... thanks

Re: Welcome to Suggestion

Posted: 12/12/18 8:36 am
by xTorm_S221
Hello, recently you added some country flags but i still miss the one i want, Catalonia flag. Would be really pleased if youadd it.

Also some days ago you said you added an option to turn off the seagull sound (which is very very very annoying to me) but k can't find it. The only way to do so is turn off all sounds but i want to hear them exept the sea.


Special Characters

Posted: 12/26/18 1:58 am
by AquaTheĆ³s_S315
I wish we can add special character like the trademark symbol or the copyright symbol when changing our names because it would offer our name a more "Authentic" look.

Re: Much needed item for MAFIA CITY

Posted: 03/04/19 12:14 pm
by SilentSins81_S472
I THINK IT WOULD HELP A LOT IF WE COULD GET A THING CALLED A "SPLIT RESOURCES ITEM", And what it would do is when u use the split resources item it will take the highest resources and split them up to all four resources instead of having all one resource it will help alleviate burden of losing them during attacks tjanks for ur time

Re: Welcome to Suggestion

Posted: 09/26/19 4:35 pm
by Jesse Kamzol@google
Since the update, the app won't open on my ipad, I tried rebooting the ipad and also re-downloaded the app, nothing won't even open


Posted: 06/30/20 1:37 am
by Dilly dil_S994