Gathering speed boost reform.

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Gathering speed boost reform.

Post by MikaelYT_S186 » 07/14/18 7:17 pm

I've noticed that when i use this buff it doesn't reduce it by 50%. I feel if it's 50% it should do that but it does not. I've spent gold on the 50% gathering speed boost but it's never 50% it is more like a 20% speed boost or less. So that is why I think it needs a reform if it does only 20% then it should be 20% gathering speed boost not 50%. I just don't like how it is misleading. If it says 50% it should not be anything less.
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  • PRAY_S46 » 07/18/18 11:11 am
    50% boost doesn't reduce the time, it only add 50% more gathering speed with your normal gathering buff
  • Auncherio_S667 » 11/13/19 2:57 am
    I’ve noticed this as well even with the gathering boost plus other boost it still takes over three hours to gather

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