Clan Alliance function in game

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Dustin P_S861
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Clan Alliance function in game

Post by Dustin P_S861 » 11/27/20 5:15 pm

Hi Mafia City team,

Actually, there are ongoing dealing relationship between clans inside the cities, such as alliance, NAP, family,... However, that's only how players react and deal with themselves, not a REAL alliance. What I mean is although we form an alliance with another clan, it's just between us, not an in game function, hence we still can attack each others accidentally.. In the future, can you set up a function where 2 or more clans would be able to form alliance with each others, once forming, they would not be able to to attack, spy their alliance, or even can send some reinforcement with some limitation ? That would make the game more interesting.
Thanks & best regards.
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  • Mike Oxlong_S952 » 11/28/20 12:28 pm
    Alliances should also be able to reinforce each other aswell ... Otherwise what's the point

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