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Clan (BOS)BOS Mafia City Clan

Posted: 01/23/18 7:11 am
by llluminati_S96
Lead by:Big Shawn G
Member:Big Shawn G

Hi, let me introduce my clan,

We move in the shadows of the notoriously sinister “City 96” a godless territory where even the largest and most powerful cartels buckle under the weight of greed, vengeance and the intoxicating thought of unlimited power that looms emanates from the city’s center... Yes Elections are near and so is the end of many friendships, pacts and alliances.

In the endless maze of back alleys and smoke filled taverns when the words SOON and ELECTIONS are whispered even in hushed tones almost immediately you can hear a pin drop and what about rumors of sleeper cells in other clans and city’s awaiting call? Is there a such thing as NUCLEAR CODES... who has access???

“cinderblock ankle bracelets and deep sea fishing...”

Plays on a beat up transistor radio as a gruff man in his late 30’s is ruffed up in the walk in fridge of a local deli..

He will take his secrets to the grave... even in death BOS is a power to recon with.

I’ve traveled roads on foot that few armored vehicles dare tread... suffered my fare share of assassination attempts and along the way, recruited the most terrible Warlords, Thieves, and Assassins the under world has ever known... Bama, Mafia Kings, Shewolf,CJGangsta... This is no ordinary crew look at the structure!!! Each one of them is a God!!! Summoned to... you’ll have to tune in ....

In Clan BOS Loyalty is not to any single person but to a “Collective Vision”and its reflection in each members actions.

Re: Clan (BOS)BOS Mafia City Clan

Posted: 02/23/19 8:29 am
by madddmonroe_S483
:u1F600: smiles[/list]