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City 490 best Place to Migrate!

Posted: 02/23/20 6:11 pm
by Baͭcͦkᶰ ʸ ˢ_S490
Well, look no further and come to city 490. I'll be your host and tour guide to your new wondrous paridise. We have everything your looking for in a city. No need to buy a new mansion just bring your own and pick a spot. We have all the goodies and more. We a peaceful city with some of the usual,like a few monkey troll's but they harmless unless you feed them. This city is unique above all other citys, we care for you to grow and prosper. We built a farming community where all share the resources and only hit farming accounts during Killing Events!(Sometimes a few hit out of KE but as a city working to better it,we stand together) If your interested in meeting new friends and enjoy this game but tired of the same old dieing city where only the top 1% enjoy. Then this city is right for you. Give me a ring or just leave me a message. I'll be more than happy to accept long distance calls. Kidding a side, we all looking for the same thing. To meet new friends and enjoy playing this wonderful game. :u1F60E: :u1F600:

Re: City 490 best Place to Migrate!

Posted: 02/26/20 3:55 pm
by Hawk Ey3_S790
How to migrate to City 490?