Mafia City Underground Now Open!

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Mafia City Underground Now Open!

Post by Hero 121_S121 » 07/10/18 1:59 am

Mafia City Underground now Open!

Hello Mafia City players and playettes!.
Welcome to Mafia City.I'm Hero 121 from City 121.The reason for this new clan is simply because of the overwhelming need for new players in old cities.We are a few players at the moment in a few cities but hopefully soon be many more in numbers.We have form an Underground coalition syndicate for solely one purpose. To unite all of Mafia City Game players outlaws, misfits,rebels, eccentric , non-conformist,free thinkers individuals into one, No matter your gender, sex orientation, political views points nor disabilities, groups, or countries. We need to come together and fight together and join forces together for one common purpose. To build a better gaming experience and a better tomorrow.To fight the injustice being done to players for simply being different. Different in what ways! In having a low paying job and barely making ends meet,in not being able to sleep at nights do to our own personal struggles.Within game and in real life.Also in our own family's ordeals that we all deal with on a daily basis! And to top it off have to deal with it all in a game! With players thinking they are much better than anyone else,with people who there only agendas are to make others feel ashamed and worthless as they are themselves.I say or we at Mafia City Underground say! Enough is Enough! Let's all with same common interests,unite and fight together as one! No matter if your rich or poor,no matter the size of your mansion. Only thing that matters is you.The player,the individual,the person behind the avatar trying to find some sort of comfort in a game we love.Mafia City. If you like to join MCU, please message me , Hero 121 in City 121. We have set up a line account to further discuss MCU direction and future layouts. A secret code number will be sent to you only by me,Hero 121 to keep track of all our players in all city's. We welcome a new era of Justice gaming and playing experience to all. Long live Mafia City Underground (MCU)!!!
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