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by Løgan_S75
12/27/17 7:27 am
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Topic: The Story of War
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Re: The Story of War

The Night club War :u1F608: We the the DJI... Were searching for a club very badly.....we found one but SVR occupied it... :u1F608: We got no option attacking them... :u1F608: We attacked and occupied it back... :u1F607: . But a guys from SVR spied us and tried to attack..... :u1F621: :u1F624: Next...
by Løgan_S75
11/04/17 12:29 am
Forum: Guide
Topic: How to make the equipment we want?
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Re: How to make the equipment we want?

So what happens when the equipment is green but the gems are of higher quality, will I be wasting gems or do gems carry a higher percentage on the higher quality of equipment??

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