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by I am SESSA_S96
01/23/18 7:49 pm
Forum: Clan Recruitment
Topic: New World Order
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New World Order

City #96 Clan NWO New World Order My clan leader Fall3n My name in city Sessa Bobessa My id 1005049249 I love my clan because we are a family. We do what ever it take to help each other weather that's learning/teaching, sharing tips or RSS. Each and everyone has a place here. I've been with other cl...
by I am SESSA_S96
01/23/18 9:37 am
Forum: Clan Recruitment
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Best clan ever. Patient, kind and they care. Willing to teach when I needed to learn. Wouldn't want to be with any other clan family.
by I am SESSA_S96
01/23/18 6:54 am
Forum: Public Forum
Topic: Amazing Clan NWO
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Amazing Clan NWO

Leader:Fallenstar Clan:NWO City:96 NWO is currently holding 27 members Loyal and respectful and we are a large close family we have 4.5 Million in power and still growing We are currently looking for active players to help with r cause. Most of us come from the U.S but anyone is welcome. So bring yo...
by I am SESSA_S96
01/23/18 6:51 am
Forum: Clan Recruitment
Topic: Fantastic Clans and Where to Find Them
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Ms secretary Gm Iris. If this is the wrong place, than why must you all make it so complicated? Apparently ithis should be the place, being so many are placing their awesome complements for their clans. Maybe you all should take some time to fix it, rather than sending these kind people on a stinkin...

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